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Divorce hurts the kids more, I know because I was 8 when parents split, I was filled with confusion, anger - I was broken and hurt. Don’t EVER put kids in that situation!! They may say they’re ok when they’re really not!

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I thought cheating was the biggest betrayal in a relationship. What are the other betrayals of the heart that are far bigger then cheating? I need examples! 🙌

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If any women get divorced she can no longer date or have relationship with any other man.......

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I think the message here is there is huge judgment on if a woman chooses to stay with someone who betrays her somehow, but so long as she does have a good enough reason to stay with them then she shouldn’t not feel bad for that. We are all human & what they’re saying is people make mistakes n sometimes a marriage is strong enough & that person who did wrong is still worth being with if the problem is fixable - I can understand that. In no way do I think they’re saying if marriage is bad through n through you ought to stay, Jade’s a smart woman who comes across as independent i doubt she would ever offer that advice, I think people are mis-judging a short clip

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men are interested in things, women in people