@diogo.sa.2004 Instagram Profile 22 minutes ago

You are stupid. you have nothing to do with whether you are gay, lesbian or bisexual. just respect how they respect us

@fridanewyork Instagram Profile 14 July, 2019

Adidas CEO: "Alright you guys we need ideas to boost sales, any body??"
Board Room: "We can make our shoes look gay to sell to the lgbt..."
Adidas CEO: "Brilliant!!!"

@tomsorant Instagram Profile 13 July, 2019

I was known as the adidas original boy cause i litteraly wear only adidas exept for underwears. But now my pride to do so is gone... Can't follow you on that one. Go ---> Nike

@roxane_f21 Instagram Profile 10 July, 2019

Quelle deception ! Non pas adidas !!!! Bon ben boycott...bien déçue que vous cédiez à cette mode de promo de la dégénérescence...👎🏿

@m.shfiqq Instagram Profile 8 July, 2019

guys dont buy anything with name brand Adidas

@fwz773 Instagram Profile 6 July, 2019